We primarily look for ambition and talent, for outstanding individuals who have chosen their respective professions out of interest and joy, for kind-hearted people with goodwill and the desire to be responsible professionally as well as socially.

Our Team

We are a small team of highly motivated consultants with a passion for excellence in Customer Experience. Our vision is to grow with the right people who understand and appreciate the FAIR concept and culture, and naturally live and breathe values like honesty, integrity, transparency and loyalty. We have 4 offices across Australia and overseas, with our team growing to 50+ with a great resume of successful projects. And we want to keep our momentum going!

Sneak Peek


At FAIR we like to celebrate the wins (big or small), enjoy life at work and have a life outside the office. Our employees can expect a relaxed, professional and fun working atmosphere where we encourage idea generation and sharing through our excellent communication channels. Our employees also get the day off on their birthdays!

FAIR Community

We're committed to give back to the community. Each year we donate from our profit to charities voted by our employees. as well as offer an employee incentive program where we encourage and support our team's good deeds by giving them 4 days of paid leave/year.


We don't only hire employees who are passionate about technology, but also offer an excellent suite of enterprise communication and learning tools that enable us to collaborate effectively across our business, making working simple and fun. We believe in continuous learning and offering opportunities for growth, and therefore reward our employee's passion to learn with an upskilling bonus as well as company sponsored certifications.