Marketing platform implementation and integration with CRM and other Enterprise systems

FAIR Consulting Group can help with every aspect of your company's marketing automation platform. This includes training, implementation and integration to your CRM platform. We implement an end-to-end process from Campaign Management to CRM systems for B2B and B2C organisations.

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CRM systems are good, but they lack specific features required within the Marketing field to be able to run intelligent and cost effective marketing campaigns. Implementing a marketing automation platform such as Adobe Campaign will - through advanced Campaign Management, analytics of data and activity records - incredibly power-up your lead generation and lead nurturing processes.

However, without a correct integration between your marketing automation platform and CRM system, your Marketing team’s productivity will be affected. An absence of integration between the systems would force your Marketing team to spend valuable time and energy on manually handling a great amount of complex data.

We provide customised integration solutions, creating a complete ecosystem of platforms answering to your company’s specific needs. All data from your customers and your campaigns will automatically be fully accessible in that ecosystem, resulting in your company having its whole customer universe organised in one single location. This will enable your Marketing team to focus on the essence of marketing - creating and transmitting qualified leads to your Sales team, bypassing time consuming technical and manual burdens.