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The buzz about SAP CX - C/4HANA

The buzz about SAP CX – Diving Deep into C/4HANA

AP along with Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce and IBM have been in a race that has lasted decades, each enterprise is competing to provide the ultimate CX system, through varied CRM offerings. SAP has been investing in the CRM space since the early 2000s. In 2013 after acquiring the German company Hybris, SAP the leading enterprise omnichannel platform has shown its steadfast commitment to the SAP Cloud For Customers (C4C) and recently has completed a full SAP CX suite with all its 5 clouds aptly namedC/4HANA. In C/4HANA the C represents the customer, while 4 stands for the “4th generation CRM,” and HANA is the inbuilt database that C/4HANA operates on. […]

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