Hybris Advanced Personalisation (BTG) vs Personalisation (Based On SmartEdit)

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Hybris Advanced Personalisation (BTG) vs Personalisation (Based On SmartEdit)

In this article, I tried to compare advance Personalization (BTG) with Personalization based on SmartEdit. SmartEdit was released in 2016 as an alternative for WCMS cockpit. Most of the content management features in Hybris 6.7 are used and supported by SmartEdit. Some features are new to SmartEdit and contain no counterpart in CMS cockpit. Advanced Personalization was usually slow and was not much preferred on traffic-intensive websites, so SmartEdit can be considered as a new ray of hope.

Advanced Personalization – btg (Deprecated in v6.7):

It triggers actions or shows CMS content to a different group of customers based on their behavior, interests, wish lists and historical data. Using targeted personalization the behavior of the customers can be measured and rewarded. You can show them special promotions, suggest them products, send them personalized emails or adapt the content and products of the website to their interests.

Personalization (based on SmartEdit):

Personalization (based on SmartEdit) provides an integrated, user-friendly way of building experiences that are relevant to your customers, which is key to driving engagement and conversion. Personalization capabilities work across both content and commerce in an integrated way, so that you can build customer experiences consistently across channels and functionality. Using SmartEdit for Customer Experience, you can see the end-customer experience as you build it.

Benefits Of SmartEdit:

  • Targeting of content from within SmartEdit.
  • Creating new personalizations and managing how they interact for a complete “experience”.
  • Observing changes in the correct context as you work.
  • Deliver a personalized experience to customers through the accelerator storefronts.
  • Select components and change them if the user is in a predefined segment.

Limitations In SmartEdit:

  • Media management is poor. You cannot reuse the uploaded image, need to upload it again.
  • No change in content and page slots for example text on the login screen is still not editable in smartedit.
  • Access control is derived from hybris platform, nothing has been updated by SmartEdit.
  • SmartEdit does not support editing components that have component IDs that contain special characters.


BTG Advanced Personalization lacks in most of the characteristics as compared to SmartEdit-Personalization and it requires custom development to implement most of the features which SmartEdit provided OOTB. SmartEdit also provides an interactive UI to do personalization. BTG as compared to SmartEdit is slow so usually not used on the crowded websites. With hybris providing SmartEdit for content management in new versions, it is definitely a good choice to provide users with an interactive view to personalize their websites.


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