SAP Conversational AI (Chatbot) Integration with SAP CX

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Overview – SAP Conversational AI (Chatbot) Integration with SAP C/4HANA

This document will explain the Integration of SAP Conversational AI (chatbot) with SAP C/4HANA (Commerce Cloud). Also, this will explain the need for an e-commerce bot in today’s digital world.

How does it work in C/4HANA?

In today’s digital world people want more with less effort, which will make their lives easier and provide a great customer experience through speed. One of the technologies behind this process is Artificial Intelligence and as went deeper into it we came across “Chatbots”, an innovative and smart assistant that provides tangible AI support to a customer. When we talk about “Chatbots” a few examples come to mind like; Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and many more bots available via Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype etc. These bots are enabling easier online interactions by different means, whether it is giving feedback, generating a ticket or getting regular updates, everything is available with the tap of a button. SAP C/4HANA is one platform that boasts the use of AI, specifically Chatbots across its varying CX clouds. However, providing different solutions at the same time and integrating the Chatbot with this platform can be tricky, though we know it can drastically boost business for any organisation and provide an enhanced experience to customers allowing for efficient & pleasant interactions.
  • The customer will search for a product from Messenger bot.
  • Being on messenger chatbot, a customer searches for a product and a request goes to SAP Commerce (OCC Webservices).
  • SAP Commerce (OCC Webservices) then responds with a list of products.
  • Customers can view product details and add them to their cart.
  • Customers can checkout and place an order.
  • Checkout and order services will interact in the same behaviour as mentioned above for “search product”.
The image below shows how this integration works


  • Chatbot integration with SAP C/4HANA (SAP Commerce Cloud).
  • Customer assistance while searching for products.
  • Customer assistance for the selection of a particular product when there are related products.
  • Help increase sales and revenue. 
  • Better customer experience by making shopping faster and easier.

Technical Implementation 

  1. Train your bot with intents, entities and skills required to interact with an e-commerce system. Ex: I want to buy Jackets, I am looking to buy a Camera, Camera, Jacket
  2. Expose eCommerce Web Services (OCC layer) from SAP Commerce Cloud.
  3. Integrate your bot via external services or webhook component in SAP Conversational AI. 
  4. Connect bot with social media platforms like Facebook Messenger or other communication mediums like Slack or Skype.

A few more use cases using SAP C/4HANA and SCP Extension Factory

  1. Problem Statement: Users are usually not satisfied with only images of products on the website and want to see an animated or video form.
  2. Solution: Search for products from SAP Commerce Cloud via SAP CAI, Spartacus or any other integrated systems and respond with a promotional video of a product.
  3. Technical solution:
    1. Store product promotional videos in GCP storage against each product.
    2. Integrate SCP Extension Factory for extensibility and utilise GCP storage from Service Broker.
    3. Receive video from GCP storage against the requested product.
  4. Problem Statement: Sellers don’t get notified when there is a demand for a product i.e. out of stock, so there is a need arises to recontact that customer when stock is available. Solution: Implement SAP C4C to help sellers get notified about stock requirements for particular products. Technical Solution: 
    1. Implement SCP Extension Factory to utilise the services of SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Cloud for Customers.
    2. Extension factory checks if stock is not available then sends details in SAP C4C to sellers and then sellers will contact customers to know when the stock is available.
    3. If the stock is available then it lets customers buy from SAP Commerce Cloud store.


The way SAP C/4HANA is changing the gears to enhance end to end customer experience is remarkable. The purpose of integrating and showcasing chatbots with SAP C/4HANA is to identify the need of the market in today’s digital world for e-commerce solutions. SAP C/4HANA is a complete package for utilising different integrations and communications within the same platform while the SCP Extension factory has been making life easier through extensibility features.


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