OOTB Accelerator Add-on

SAP Commerce comes with a unique out of the box B2B unit selector. At FAIR our team has enhanced this feature by developing a “POC” Add-on to the OOTB (out of the box) selector. Our Add-on AS-BUS, enhances and accelerates the performance and CX of SAP Commerce native selector. We are proud to announce the availability of this POC to all SAP Commerce customers looking to enhance their omni-channel platforms.

Giving You More Control
How it works
Multiple Unit Selector

The SAP Commerce data model supports B2B customer assignments to multiple B2B units. The B2B Accelerator, however, does not provide an out-of-the-box selector to switch between B2B units on the fly. The AS-BUS add-on will provide a simple B2B Unit Selector as well as the necessary customisation for this to work. The AS-BUS has an easy component setup and will provide the selector to switch between multiple B2B unites on a single login session.

Just Plug & Play
The Hybris Integration Accelerator seamlessly integrates Hybris with SAP with the following features:
Easy & Flexible

♦ Skip the customisation step and directly plug-in the Add-on to your platform. Import and use the component anywhere in your CMS

Auto Sync

♦ Different B2B Units can have different Price Groups. When switching between units, the product prices will be updated accordingly to the appropriate Price Group

Cost Center

♦ The Default OOTB lists all Cost Centers available to the Customer. This Add-on will filter out the Cost Center only relevant to the select B2B Unit and its descendants.

Multiple Units

♦ List all the B2B Units assigned to a B2B customer. B2B Units part of a B2B Unit, also known as “descendants”, will be traversed.

Enhancing Your Commerce

With the AS-BUS, SAP customers gain more control over how they present their brands, departments and various B2B units to their consumers, giving a more comprehensive platform experience. This selector Add-on delivers more control in comparing prices, finding locations, choosing a distribution cost centers and has improved customisation capability due to its “easy to use” interface.

If you are already using the OOTB B2B unit accelerator ask FAIR how to install and set up the AS-BUS add-on and enhance your customer experience today.

The AH-BUS was designed to make life easier for Hybris customers.

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