Smoother image conversion in SAP Commerce Cloud

KymaICo4s (Kyma Image Conversion for SAP) connects SAP Commerce with Kyma. With  SAP Commerce Cloud no longer supporting installation of ImageMagick for image conversion, this new solution provides developers a simpler option without unnecessary custom coding. 

Kyma provides an alternative solution in customising SAP Commerce. Previously, the only way to customise SAP Commerce was to modify and/or create custom extensions for new requirements. With Kyma in the picture, we are looking at less to zero downtime during deployments and a way of customising the solution which is language agnostic.

The KymaICo4s implements SAP’s suggestion to resolve the removal of ImageMagick installation from their current cloud offering.

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How it works
Extending Functionality with Kyma
Once a product is created in SAP Commerce, an event is pushed to Kyma. Kyma then calls an OCC API to retrieve the image of the product created. A lambda function then converts this image into specified dimension and returns the image back to SAP Commerce. 
A custom extension can also be created in SAP Commerce. However, in this POC, we want to explore Kyma functionalities and benefit from it.
API driven | custom extension

♦ SAP Commerce OOTB extensions allows easy integration to Kyma.


♦ ImageMagick library in NodeJS, removes the need of custom codes to convert the images.


♦ Custom events & services are created in SAP Commerce to send product creation event to Kyma providing converted images.


♦ The lambda function that was created in Kyma to convert images can also be used as a starting point for those who are moving to CCV2 to migrate their image conversion solution to Kyma


♦We eliminate the need of creating custom extension/service in SAP Commerce by creating a lambda function


♦ With the use of Kyma, we are able to extend functionality without having to be dependent on the platform version and the deployment schedule of SAP Commerce.

Custom solution
Image Conversion made easy!

Developers can rejoice with the KymaICo4s, a new solution to image conversion in SAP Commerce. No custom code, simple implementation, multi use Lambada functions and more.  Enhance your SAP commerce store today! 

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