True Omni-commerce

FAIR Consulting Group is pleased to present our back-end independent SAP Rapid Commerce Connector (SAP-RCC). The (SAP-RCC) supports IT platforms integration, provide collaboration and works together to provide end-to-end business value.

Flexible | Scalable | Affordable
How it works

The SAP-RCC is a collection of SAP Commerce extensions that will connect SAP Commerce with other IT platforms through Mulesoft ESB. It offers flexibility and scalability with low upfront cost. This will enable the user to take a “best of breed” approach and only pay for what best fits its specific needs. The SAP-RCC was originally developed with focus on a Hybris to SAP integration, but thanks to its open architecture and loose-coupling characteristic, it can also be used to smoothly integrate SAP Commerce with any other back-end system.


The SAP Rapid Commerce Connector seamlessly allows integration of  the following features:


♦ Register and update customer profile


♦ Create, update and replicate products


♦ Create and replicate orders


♦ Real-time stock level update, check and retrieval replication


♦ Real-time cart calculations


♦ Real-time price retrieval, price value, update price and replicate


Get Comfortable while FAIR Consulting Group enables a seamless and smooth integration by using our easy to customise generic integration solution. We are  able to fully support you for go-live and maintenance

» Leverage existing SAP resources
» Little additional knowledge required
» Architecture based on Hybris
» Stability
» Easy to maintain
» Reduced risks of library conflicts
» Flexibility, Extend-ability, Dependability
» Easy customization
» Simplified plugin/plug-out process
» Future integration become extremely simple
Lower Cost| Cut Risk | save Time

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