The Smart Search
Faster results, efficient matching, enhanced experience.

The “Smart Search” is an accelerated search and query engine that display suggestive/ predictive search options for online shoppers. This POC introduces an enhanced search experience for your commerce platform with the support of AEM and coupling open API’s. Whether your customer knows exactly what they want or needs help finding the right product, the Smart Search is a fast seamless and intelligent solution to help match customer needs with your product library. The Smart Search solution is the perfect tool when SOLR approach is not a viable option, This can be due to constraints like timeline and budget. This POC helps prevent users dropouts due to the extremely slow search results and increases user engagement on your website by facilitating break neck search speed!

Intelligent| Smart | Search
How it works
Delivering a seamless Search Experience

The Smart Search provides a 6 top results queries shown with a see “All Results” hyperlink in a drop-down menu.

This POC boast flexibility in choosing the number of top results which can be increased or decreased based on the user requirements. When a customer begin their search query it triggers the feature on the back-end, only when a user enters 3 or more characters. The intelligent design also showcases other search option capabilities such as colour code search and suggestions. Query results are separated into different categories while being displayed. The Smart Search uses optimised CX/DRE queries and APIs to fetch results which are especially important because SOLR option provides the exact same results, but it takes longer to implement when compared to our predictive search solution.

Personalised | Shopping | Experiences

♦ 3 second query speed, using optimised CX/DRE queries and APIs.


♦ 3 character predictive query trigger, providing smart on target results.


♦ Top results shown with see all drop-down, automatically categorised.

“Ever since Google introduced auto-complete in 2004, predictive search has become a welcome part of our internet interactions, helping us search faster, find results quicker, and discover answers to questions we didn’t even know we had” – Megan Marrs

Intelligent design for curious customers

Large websites that have global inventory, multiple warehouses and various brands can sometimes struggle with query speed. The Smart Search POC helps find the top results within 5-7 seconds of a search, in a suggestive search dropdown.
The Smart Search global search was not user friendly because of the sheer amount of time it took to fetch all results. To eliminate this problem The Smart Search shows the user top results for easy access and to show all results, in case the top results do not have the item the user is searching.

Predictive | suggestive| Queries

♦ Improved user engagement on the website due to quicker search results.


♦ This predictive search reduces user drop outs from shopping on your website.


♦ Visually appealing search results, colour coding and front-end query element.

Smart Shopping
A innovative solution to an age old Problem

This POC is uniquely designed to provide an alternative approach to the SOLR. It saves time and money by utilising existing API’s and queries, optimising them for faster results.

If you are looking to increase your customer experience, enhance their digital interactions and provide a more comprehensive shopping feature, then the “Smart Search” is for you!

Guiding your customers on a purchase journey

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