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New & emerging technologies are constantly changing the business landscape here in Australia. Organisations are moving towards adaptable systems which can easily be configured to meet their individual business needs. This custom or bespoke solution is one of the most sought after items in the world of enterprise architecture, but often it’s the most tricky and expensive option.

Nowadays, this customisation of legacy as well as modern platforms is made possible through easy integration with other software, extensions, connectors and add-ons. The huge traction and increase in popularity of headless systems are also largely due to the highly flexible nature of these platforms, which allows you to integrate various back and front end functions from different systems to obtain desired features.

SAP and Salesforce are the two major forces in the world of CRMs, they have comprehensive extension systems in place that allow you the ease of integration through open APIs and built-in extension options allowing you to connect solutions provided by a single solution vendor or multiple competing and complimenting platforms.

Introduction: SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory

The SAP cloud platform has one of the most comprehensive extension factories. It provides 65+ built-in extension capabilities offering services such as security, integration, IoT, AI, etc, for all 5 platforms. The extension framework for all the clouds whether it is Commerce, Marketing, Service or Sales Cloud remains the same hence corporations can concentrate on leveraging these capabilities to enhance the overall Customer Experience (CX). The Cloud-native extensibility option makes it easy to build extensions for all the SAP cloud solutions. Apart from the huge inbuilt extension options SAP cloud solutions provide there are several other factors that set the extension factory apart.

What sets the SAP Cloud extension factory apart

Built-in Extension Capabilities

As mentioned above SAP cloud platform offers over 65 built-in extension capabilities that serve various purposes and fulfill various business needs for the intelligent enterprise.

Central Management Plane 

The central Management Plane allows its customers to store and utilise metadata such as URL, APIs, events, etc, of registered solutions in a consistent and secure fashion. A complete holistic view of the system landscape is obtained by the developers and customers. They can rely on a single central repository that contains details of connectivity via APIs with other SAP Cloud Platforms or third party systems.

Multiple Administrative UIs

By utilising the central management plane customers can access and utilise SAP and third-party solutions along with their APIs and events in a consistent manner which is a huge advantage for today’s intelligent enterprise. Both the cockpits of an SAP Cloud Platform global account and the SAP CX Foundation can leverage the data from Central Management Plane through multiple administrative UIs.

Choosing your desired Runtime and Infrastructure
The SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory allows customers to select from various runtimes options to deploy their extension. Customers simply need to choose which runtime best suits their business needs, be it Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, the SAP Cloud Platform ABAP environment or a serverless runtime. The extensions can also be run on various hyperscale infrastructure solutions of your choice like Azure, AWS, GCP, Alibaba Cloud. Hence, ensuring scaling flexibility and choosing the infrastructure of their choice according to the varied needs of their clients and partners.
Developer friendly

SAP Cloud Platform extension factory with the help of the central plane management helps developers have a standardised development experience with multiple administrative UIs where they can easily retrieve and utilise connectivity data for various SAP and third-party applications.

The Future vision

SAP in the near future envisions to have a single complete Kyma based microservices platform. They intend to have one extension platform that allows customers and partners to seamlessly add microservices in order to create extensions and customise their solutions by harmonising and integrating SAP and third-party solutions using a single Kyma based extension framework.


All in all, SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory helps clients and partners extend SAP LoB solutions on the SAP cloud platform and provides them with a standardised extension development experience using the central plane management. This allows customers and partners to concentrate on creating result oriented extensions that best meet their ever-evolving business needs using the runtime and infrastructure of their choice. The future vision of a single Kyma based microservices extension platform further shows SAP’s full commitment towards putting clients at the centre center of their operations by providing its clients and partners with flexible options towards providing provide a highly customised unified CX of their own liking.

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