The Future of Commerce is Honesty

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In today’s world of CX there are hundreds of e-Commerce and marketing platforms on the market vying for supremacy. All of them competing for the most prestigious clients and promising fantastic innovations with unparalleled insights that will transform your customer experience.

However, all of them are really driven by a singular purpose: to sell more systems.

I am inundated with countless articles on the future of multichannel retail, later becoming omnichannel retail, and then “better-harmonized retail”. All followed by “best customer experience”, “seamless customer journey”, “AI-augmented e-commerce”, and so on.

The first thing that comes to mind when I see all of this is that it is all rubbish! We are inventing all types of buzzwords to lure customers into buying products and services that they likely don’t even need.

The Future Of Commerce Should Be Driven By Honesty!

The e-commerce/marketing platforms we work with are designed to maximise sales from wherever the customer connects to their services. This should be the honest communication from a technical and sales perspective to our clients.

Some may accuse this approach of being too naive or utopian considering the state of the market, but I find it incredibly strange that in 2019 we are still trying to mislead clients into buying as much as possible, often without true consideration of their needs with regards to the product being offered.

Too many times have I seen companies purchase solutions based on sales pitches filled with superficial ideas and jargon, without any sort of technical backing regarding the true viability of their software solution. These decisions are made without technical leadership to validate their proposals which leads to an unsatisfied customer and a bad reputation for the business selling the solution.

What Sort Of Environment Are We Creating?

I do not believe it would be so naive to approach customers and say something as simple and direct as, “We would like to offer you this commerce solution so you can maximise your profits, reach your customers anywhere, and as effectively as possible.”

Effective selling doesn’t mean short term wins through cheesy sales pitches, it is always built on complete honesty from the start and being aligned with the client’s agenda. Have the confidence to state that the project may be “outside of our scope of work” so that you can preserve your reputation and the viability of the client’s project. Base your recommendations on features that will fulfil the customers needs with a clear understanding of what these needs are from the get go. Give simple and honest explanations of what the best possible solutions are for the client with a focus on maintaining transparency and an understanding of the long term ramifications of the solution on the client’s business.

To reiterate, the future of commerce is honesty. Be more honest with your employees when you train them to sell, with your customers when you sell them a product or use their data, and with your partners when you agree to sell their products.

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