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Today we sit down with Pasquale Campitello, a tenured consultant and champion at FAIR, to give us some insights on what makes a great consultant, how to deal with common consulting challenges and the future of the CX space!

Thanks for joining us, Pasquale! Firstly, when did you join the FAIR family and what kind of projects do you focus on?

I joined FAIR almost two years ago (1 year 11 months) and I focus primarily on the delivery of Agile IT projects utilising SAP Commerce Cloud. So far I have been involved in six projects!

That’s quite a few projects already! Which would you say you enjoyed the most? Were there any that were particularly challenging?

One of my favourite projects involved working with the Samsung Online Store since it gave me the opportunity to collaborate with a great group of professionals from both FAIR and Samsung. I also worked on an exciting project with AB InBev, an international brewing/drinks organisation that helped me learn and grow in the project management space.

A particularly challenging project involved delivering an SAP (Hybris) based solution. FAIR was brought in to address a project that had gone astray where many of the estimations that were made initially were incorrect and required a reassessment of deliverables and an alignment on basic Agile methodology. FAIR was ultimately successful in fostering several sprints of technical work that contributed greatly towards the project’s goals.

It sounds like many projects are not clear cut and often require a great deal of problem-solving and discovery. What are the common challenges you see new consultants facing and how can they be managed?

Most of the issues can usually be divided into two areas, the first being project management. Dealing with a new group of stakeholders and company culture is not easy and often there are existing hierarchies or internal politics that disrupt delivery. Clients are often not educated on modern project delivery methods which means a good consultant will get buy-in from management to ensure the optimal delivery environment/culture.

The second is the technical setup. If there are cross-functional teams on a project, there must be an environment that allows consultants to work collaboratively. Open communication is key to minimising external disruptions and ensuring smooth project delivery.

What kind of personal strengths do you think a consultant needs to be a successful professional in the CX space?

Consultants need to be honest and prioritise effective communication with their clients. Working with transparency and integrity is extremely important to ensure that a project is delivered successfully. Having a genuine interest in their technical specialisation I think is also really important to help maintain passion and foster continuous learning and improvement.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking at potential roles in the CX space?

I remember back in university (almost ancient history!) where a lot of people were looking to avoid the SAP space as they were of the opinion that SAP jobs were based on old technology and the “cool IT stuff” was going on elsewhere.

The adoption of data mining and artificial intelligence on many levels is a popular trend in IT and SAP is not excluded from this. We are already seeing companies develop machine learning processes that extract information from big data accumulations (customer behaviour patterns, etc.), and these services are being integrated into the latest SAP platforms which are making their products more competitive in the CX space. FAIR is very focused on new and upcoming CX technologies and it makes me excited for the future of the business and how we can continue to deliver value to our clients.

Sounds very exciting Pasquale! Thanks for taking the time to provide us with some insights on your role at FAIR and how CX is continuing to evolve and develop!

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