CSR Limited

Who is CSR Limited?

CSR is one of Australia’s leading companies for construction products for both residential and commercial projects. The company offers a wide range of construction products trusted and preferred across Australia and New Zealand.

To counter challenges in construction, CSR invests in research and development to enhance its products and provide customers with innovative solutions.

The Customer's Voice

Engagement Summary

CSR was looking to redesign its IT landscape and streamline business processes being interrupted because of a lack of integration between multiple platforms. Apart from challenges in its business and IT architecture, CSR’s pain points also included a lack of expertise in SAP outside of ERP and data maintenance. 

FAIR engaged with CSR to prepare a proposal, helping them redesign their IT landscape by providing better SAP insight and expertise in key areas and providing a strategy and framework for integration and implementation of CSR’s product information management (PIM) and data asset management (DAM). FAIR analysed their existing integrated systems and proposed a future roadmap to resolve pain points.


Redefining CSR’s target state architecture

In an analysis of CSR’s existing CX architecture, FAIR identified that while CSR had a digital portal for engagement with customers, it didn’t have an integrated PIM and DAM system in place. FAIR was asked to prepare a proposal in order to assist CSR in redefining its target state architecture and provide an insight into key technologies including SAP.

Implementing strategic integration layer

FAIR, along with CSR’s IT team, set up a 4 tiered SAP Integration Suite environment as their strategic integration layer. The architecture principle for integration is to use this integration layer before looking at any other ways of integrating.

SAP Integration Suite is now used for the SAP ECC to PIM integration as well as integration to S4 TMS.

Streamlining product information and data asset management

CSR’s challenges also included a number of disconnected channels and inconsistent data standards, which impacted maintaining product information and their customer experience.

To resolve these challenges, FAIR leveraged SAP Commerce for CSR’s PIM system and CELUM for their DAM system, which helped streamline data and product information and ultimately improved customer experience.