Essity Australasia


Essity Australasia (previously Asaleo Care) is a leading personal care and hygiene company. They manufacture, sell and distribute consumer goods across categories such as feminine, incontinence, baby care, consumer tissue and skilled hygiene. 

Their products are widely used by households and companies in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. With over 15 manufacturing and distribution sites, Essity Australasia works with some of Australia’s most iconic pharmacies and retailers.

The Customer's Voice

Engagement Summary

FAIR engaged with Essity Australasia to identify the organisation’s IT challenges and customer pain points. After an extensive CX-led discovery, FAIR found that Essity Australasia would benefit from an integrated portal that would lead to the digitisation of key business operations and improve customer experience. 

Together with Essity Australasia’s IT team, implemented a complex solution, leveraging SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP CPQ and SAP BTP, integrated with the existing SAP ERP and CRM, to help streamline and simplify key business processes and improve customer experience. This is the first implementation of its kind in Australia and New Zealand.

After a successful collaboration, FAIR worked with Essity on another project – this time with retail brands TOM and Libra. FAIR worked with SAP Commerce and Spartacus technologies to redesign TOM and Libra’s websites and online shopping portals, which improved customer experience.



FAIR worked with Essity Australasia on a CX discovery process to identify critical pain points and understand the highest priority opportunities. Following extensive internal/external (customer) interviews and workshops, we developed insightful user personas that focused on design decisions.

We conducted virtual workshops to create/validate customer journey maps and developed a keen understanding of process issues and high-level opportunities for the business to consider. This addressed customer pain points throughout the customer journey, extending well beyond digital solutions.

The conclusion of this work was a detailed customer experience report, highlighting the detailed insights and opportunities. Importantly, this included a list of potential solutions, prioritised against the likely business and customer benefits. This was presented to Essity Australasia executives for informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle and beyond.


Based on the findings of the detailed CX-led discovery, FAIR worked with Essity Australasia's IT team on a customer-centric solution to resolve the challenges distributors were facing by leveraging SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP CPQ and SAP BTP, integrated with the existing SAP ERP and CRM.

The aim was to remove customer pain points by digitising key business processes that were previously manual and making them accessible through a single platform. FAIR developed a self-service distributor portal that simplifies operations, provides real-time access to relevant information and has transformed how the organisation communicates with its customers.


Essity Australasia’s retail brands TOM and Libra collaborated with FAIR for a solution to make the online shopping process easier for their customers. Both TOM and Libra offer high-quality products across Australasia but were not able to provide a seamless experience to online shoppers due to slow loading time from product view to checkout page.

To address their challenges, FAIR delivered an end-to-end B2C retail solution by redesigning TOM and Libra’s online shopping portals and order processing system.

FAIR leveraged SAP Commerce and Spartacus to implement custom features, including SEO optimisation, subscriptions and integration with payment options and an external fulfilment provider, making the websites faster and easy to navigate.


FAIR’s expertise in all areas from the architecture to the development of the final solution, their great communication, and ease of working with FAIR friendly team made it possible to deliver this project successfully and within the given time.
Tatjana Zec
FAIR Consulting Group is a great partner to work with on customer enabled technologies, given the quality and experience of their people. They have been completely transparent in design, implementation costs and time.
Dan Kotiah
General Manager IT
FAIR bring great experience in designing and delivering customer facing initiatives. Whilst they have demonstrated delivery experience, they also have enough insight and capability to challenge and stretch our thinking.
Cameron Webb
EGM Transformation Technology and Digital
We have had the pleasure of working with FAIR since the beginning of our digital transformation. We partner with FAIR to assist us with our CX discovery to uncover gaps and pain points and to define how to solve these in an improved solution. FAIR have the experience to help us deliver this phase of our journey and we are excited to continue the partnership.
Quoc Kien
IT Manager
FAIR has demonstrated the willingness and capability to respond to Nutrien’s aspirations across a variety of key strategic initiatives. I appreciate the business-focused approach and enthusiastic collaboration. Partners like FAIR help to make technology a key differentiator for our business.
Lloyd Dias
Head of IT
I found working with FAIR Consulting Group produced great outcomes; they have a “let’s go” attitude paired with mature thought leadership. Their experience in moving to a cloud-based architecture using both SAP and AWS has been beneficial to the organisation and has placed us in an excellent position for the future.
Duncan Ham
IT Transformation Delivery Leader
We are excited and pleased to be working with FAIR Consulting Group as we embark on developing a premium digital service offering for our customers and consumers. We chose to work with FAIR because of their dedication to understanding and working with customers and their deep understanding of front-end technology platforms.
David Griss
Executive General Manager People
FAIR have always provided us with quality team members both from a capability perspective but also, more importantly, from an attitude perspective. Their team will always go the extra mile to complete their initiatives and have embedded themselves within the team to ensure there is no us/them dynamics.
Mark Scira
Corporate IT Manager
The FAIR team understands Agile ways of working and is open to continuous learning. This is a big value-add for us as we have embraced SAFe and SCRUM principles at the core of our delivery. Mehrab and his team have demonstrated high levels of trust and integrity in the engagement throughout and have openly embraced the principle of putting the customer interest and expected outcomes at the heart of all advice and decision making. This aligns with our organisational value of putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. I consider FAIR a trusted partner in our transformational journey and wish them all the best.
Ram Balasubramanian
Program Manager
I have worked with FAIR CG on many assignments over the past 5 years across a variety of domains from SAP CRM and ECC to Open Text to Hybris Commerce. These ranged in complexity, from global template implementations to solution designs to functional enhancements of production environments. Every time FAIR CG brings a collaboration of experience and expertise to help bring our strategic initiatives to life.
Adam Ferrario
Global implementation Manager
FAIR’s implementation team provided an excellent partnership in bringing our smart product recommendation engine on CUB’s B2B SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) platform to life. The teams innovative delivery approach provided the right outcome for our business, resulting in sales uplift and positive customer buying experience using our e-commerce service.
Arturo Reitz
Assoc Director - Commercial Solutions
I’ve worked with FAIR on a number of Strategic Projects and have always been very pleased with the quality of the work and their approach. They fitted well into our organisation and have always provided proactive & realistic recommendations with context to help us make the right decision to support our customer’s needs. Setting us up to be successful in the short term whilst ensuring we make the right decisions for the long term.
David Huggett
CX Director
Dulux has been working with FAIR Consulting on numerous digital development projects and we have found them to be a very reliable partner. They have constantly challenged us and pushed us to think outside the box whilst being very disciplined with their project management and agile methodologies allowing us to deliver on time and on budget.
Basil Hyman
E-commerce Lead
It was a delight to work with FAIR to enhance our B2B functionality. Using their vast experience, FAIR analysed the big picture, highlighted any “watchouts” and determined the ideal resources to ensure the best possible outcome was achieved. It was inspiring to work with such an ethical and professional consulting group, and I look forward to our next engagement.
Annette Harvey
E-commerce Lead
I really enjoyed working with FAIR Consulting team. This professional team covered end-to-end delivery. And, I had no doubts we can implement all business requirements with the best quality and fast pace.
Sergei Mosin
Senior Manager, B2B, CRM
The program was to deliver a state of the art solution to support telephony based nurse triage services throughout Australia. They had all the qualities you expect from very good consultants, but most importantly it was the quality of their design that made them stand out from most consultants. Their ability to understand the essence of what was important of this critical and complex health solution, and then design a solution that was logical and easier to use than the existing system, was first rate. The user acceptance by the nurses was the highest I have seen on any project, and it was the design of the system and processes that was at the heart of this success
Chris Gebbie
Program Manager
I had the pleasure of working with FAIR as we began our digital transformation at Best & Less. Initially hired to deliver technical support, it became obvious from day one that FAIR would be able to increase our bench strength and provide practical, measurable improvements across numerous streams of work including customer experience, group IT strategy and roadmap planning to name a few. The energy was electric and the FAIR team worked seamlessly with our in-house team to deliver and exceed commercial outcomes we set as targets. I highly recommend working with FAIR if you are undergoing any digital transformation. 
Lynna Barrett
E-commerce Head
It was a pleasure working with FAIR over the years. We found the advice they provided to be very valuable and deep around the CRM space and the work that they did for us in this space was very professional and of high quality. FAIR has consultants with a high level of experience and are very knowledgeable.
Stephano Ah-Fock
SAP Application Team Lead
Mehrab and his team provided excellent service as SAP CRM was being implemented at Super Retail Group. The team came up with great solutions to some complex problems.
Peter Blyth
Solutions Manager - CRM / Retail