Nutrien Ag Solutions

Who is Nutrien

Nutrien Ag Solutions (the world’s largest crop input company) is an agricultural B2B supplier and retailer of agribusiness products and services. They provide comprehensive solutions through a network of trusted crop consultants at more than 1,700 global locations. 

Nutrien Ag Solutions technology advancements allow for more effective methods of growth that minimise environmental impacts. Under the Nutrien Ag Solutions umbrella, the company has grown its product and service offerings and is part of a multinational network of retailers across three continents.

The Customer's Voice

Engagement Summary

Nutrien recently took over the merged iconic rural brands ‘Landmark’ and ‘Ruralco’ to form Nutrien Ag Solutions. Ruralco, post-merger, had a robust SAP product environment leveraged to impact its customers positively. The brand’s digital strategy aimed to use the current RuralcoNet (commerce solution) and SAP ERP for wholesale customers and affiliates of the merged businesses, to provide a unique and personalised experience on a multi-branded B2B platform

Nutrien Ag Solution’s current member base in Australia is composed of the now merged Landmark and Ruralco customers. Since both brands had predefined restrictions on particular suppliers and warehouses for their members, it was clear that Nutrien Ag Solutions would have to begin segmenting these customers on a single platform. FAIR Consulting Group had worked previously with the former Ruralco on their SAP Commerce platform.

Nutrien Ag Solutions and FAIR set out to extend the functionality of the current SAP commerce solution. We worked in close collaboration, running design workshops and creating agile sprint showcases to get early feedback during the project.

FAIR also helped Nutrien to migrate their commerce platform from SAP Commerce Cloud Version 1 to SAP Commerce Cloud Version 2. 



In collaboration with stakeholders, FAIR designed a smart and scalable personalisation solution. We built out a Multi-brand experience for portal members.  The extended functionality provides a central rules maintenance and validation function in SAP ERP and a personalisation engine in SAP Commerce. It allows the business to flexibly define inclusion and exclusion rules on customer groups or customer levels based on the product, product groups, supplier or a combination of all three. Creating personalised experience that scale.

A rules validation program makes sure that no conflicting rules are defined and sent to SAP Commerce. The personalisation engine in SAP Commerce interprets the rules to filter the products accordingly and presents each customer with a personalised branded view of their ordering portal. FAIR was able to work with the business’ increasingly complex requirements and scope to provide the customer experience Nutrien wanted, delivering a high-quality solution on time and on budget.


helped Nutrien to keep their ERP core standard and build microservices.