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Who is Officeworks?

Officeworks is Australia’s leading retailer and supplier of office products and solutions for home, business and education needs. As part of the Wesfarmers group, Officeworks presence is massive nationally, with more than 160 retail stores across every state. Their online presence is a force, offering easy ordering and great B2B options for a customer on their website. Office works also provides a national call-centre and a team of expert business specialists for business customers.

Engagement Summary

FAIR Consulting Group has been working with Officeworks continually over the last 6 years. We initally where engaged to support Officeworks as subject matter specialists in CRM development, integration and enhancement. We worked with SAP CRM, Salesforce CRM and Adobe Campaigns to help align Officeworks omni-channel strategy. During our engagments we supported the design and construction of Officeworks web platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their commerce and OMS needs. Officeworks wanted to shift to a self-service model to help create and define a clear customer journey and enhance their customer’s experience. We enabled this transition by providing API development and integrations with SAP CRM, ERP and the Officeworks OMS system. FAIR Consulting group also supported the creation of a new self-serve kiosk application for in-store purchasing. We helped integrate a number of customer based features, feedback options and applications.

Delivered CX Projects

  • OMS Review, Recommendations & Integrations
  • Custom Development of Self Service Kiosk
  • Reporting & In-store Applications

Exploration, Strategy & Solutions for Order Management System

During our Engagement with Officeworks we explored their existing Order Management System (OMS), specifically the  delivery options features available. Our team identified and analysed customer traction on the website and the behaviour. Colelcting and providing this data to Officeworks.  We also looked at their OMS and recommended a self-service model to increase efficiency and transparency in the delivery system.
Our team provided an API integration for SAP ERP and SAP CRM. Once connected to the website to it allowed Officewors to easily track orders and pickup locations.

Integrating A Third Party Payment Gateway

FAIR Consulting Group worked on developing the function of Officeworks new Self Service Kiosk at its XXL Store.  We Conducted a series of integrations to enable the payment function VIA EFT. There integrations allowed the application to work with their preferred payment gateway.

Reporting for Customer Orders | Click & Collect

FAIR Consulting Group optimised and enhanced  the performance efficiency efforts for In-store staff dealing with the click and collect orders by developing a customised method to enable easy reporting. We also worked on implementing a click & collect data extractor programs for SAP's Enterprise Data Warehouse (SAP BW) to enhance the accuracy of capturing action, time & duration.

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