Who is LeasePlan?

LeasePlan is an international brand specialising in automobile leasing and fleet management. LeasePlan is a world-leading ‘Car-as-a-Service company’ with 1.7 million vehicles under management in 32 countries. With over 55 years experience, LeasePlan’s mission is: “To provide what’s next in mobility via an ‘Any car, Anytime, Anywhere’ service – so you can focus on what’s next for you.”

The Customer's Voice

Engagement Summary

FAIR Consulting Group worked with LeasePlan on a large number of projects across its Australian and Netherlands operations. We supported LeasePlan’s continuous digital initiatives across a wide range of SAP systems and applications including a full SAP Landscape upgrade and a SAP CLS Global template pilot which we helped build. During our engagement in the Netherlands, we worked on a larger transformation project, delivering support across data migration, CRM, front-end development and a Sitecore integration with the SAP systems on AWS (Amazon Web Services).


Transformation, integration, and migration. 

While engaged with LeasePlan Australia, we began working with their Netherlands operation. We provided significant support to the large transformation project rolling across SAP CRM ( SAP CX), Data Migration, UI5-Fiori work, AWS Development operations (DevOps) and a large integration piece connecting SAP (Hybris) Commerce to a Sitecore Front-end. Along with integrations into to the SAP CRM and SAP CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote).

FAIR worked to upgrade SAP ECC, CRM, SRM PI/PO. The primary role in ECC/CRM/SRM platform was to support development, debugging any issues resulting from upgrades, testing support, etc. FAIR also worked to move from PI/PO dual-stack (ABAP + JAVA) to PO single stack (java only). FAIR constantly provided Migration support and development of new inflows along with testing/analysis.